The consortium members talk about the project. This video introduces the partnership work of the website, which has been online since 1999. It also includes interview snippets on the value of doing development education in formal and nonformal education settings.



Interviews were recorded in November & December 2012 and January 2013.

Produced and filmed by Dylan Creane and Ciara Regan.

More information on the six organisations can be found here.


'' is ...

A place to learn about:

  • The basic shape of our (unequal 80:20) world
  • International development and underdevelopment
  • Human rights (and human wrongs)
  • Justice and equality issues
  • Race and interculturalism
  • Views and perspectives on a variety of development issues including poverty, exclusion, women's rights, HIV and AIDS, discrimination, aid, etc.
  • Development and human rights education

A place to find:

  • Downloadable modules on specific issues, such as human rights, MDGs, etc
  • A cartoon gallery
  • A photo gallery
  • Photo stories
  • A searchable glossary of keywords and definitions
  • Annotated links to other sites
  • Reviews of key resources
  • Opinion pieces from around the world
  • 'Downloadables': animations, screensavers, development 'Top 10s,' stimulus/trigger sheets, etc
  • Annotated 'International Development days'
  • Campaigns and action projects