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”The clanging chimes of Doom”…Oh no, wait, that’s just Bono

Thirty years on and Geldof is back. Again. He’s back with Ultravox’s Midge Ure and they’re asking, “how can they know it’s Christmas time?”: surely a progression from wondering “do they know it’s Christmas time at all?”. Band Aid returned … More →


Towards the end of July each year, The UN Secretary General submits an important report to the General Assembly on the international financial system and development. Unfortunately it is not one of those reports that is publicised or indeed commented … More →

Heike Vornhagen: ‘Some of the movies might conform to stereotypes that people have but at the same time they also challenge them” – interview

The Galway African Film Festival, now going into its seventh year, is taking place this weekend in Galway City from 23rd – 25th May. Bringing a wide range of films made by and starring Africans from across the continent has … More →

African tales on film is an antidote to hokum diamonds

Let’s get to the point – film isn’t real.  It can’t be.  You take a story and fiddle with it a bit, compress it, elongate it, fictionalise ten minutes here or there and before you know it you have a … More →

What we’re watching and reading: Think Africa; The World’s Best News; staying positive and imagining a better world; #LivingWage campaign

Information is powerful. Think Africa is a short video that collects the opinions of festival goers from the 2013 Electric Picnic in Stradbally as they consider what words come to mind when they think of ‘Africa’. Paying homage to Bob … More →

The danger of single stories: ‘Africa’

Those interested in good quality lectures, music and humour (and much else!) will already be familiar with TED – – in 2009, TED posted a talk by Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Adichie (Purple Hibiscus 2003 and Half a Yellow Sun … More →

We can all be refugees

As part of our development debates series, Omar Grech investigates the facts, duties on states and the rising sensationalist language in Malta that is amplifying the most contentious public issue in recent years at the frontier of Europe’s borders: debating … More →

Chinua Achebe: A literary legend

 “The white man is very clever. He came quietly and peaceably with his religion. We were amused at his foolishness and allowed him to stay. Now he has won our brothers, and our clan can no longer act like one. … More →

Africa on Film – get to Galway!

Whether you are a film buff, film club auditor, disgruntled Chartbusters employee or just crave perspectives from outside of the Hollywood circuit a treat lies in store for you in Galway next weekend. The annual Galway African Film Festival (GAFF), … More →

2013 elections: Breaking the cycle of political violence in Kenya

On 4th March Kenyans will be going to the polls to vote in national elections. Memories of the post-election violence that gripped the country in 2007-08 are vivid, and many fear similar violence could occur again when the polls close. … More →