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Hats off to the SDGs – a brief analysis of the plan to change the world

Where does one even begin to unpack the new sustainable development goals (SDGs)? When in doubt of what to think I always refer to the great Edward De Bono, thinking philosopher extraordinaire. De Bono created the ‘Six thinking hats’ tool … More →

New feature: Debating Development and Human Rights

The new Debating Development and Human Rights section, developed in partnership with Concern, went live this week and can be found at As well as establishing core debates on an ongoing basis – ones developed by, commissioned or … More →

”The clanging chimes of Doom”…Oh no, wait, that’s just Bono

Thirty years on and Geldof is back. Again. He’s back with Ultravox’s Midge Ure and they’re asking, “how can they know it’s Christmas time?”: surely a progression from wondering “do they know it’s Christmas time at all?”. Band Aid returned … More →


Towards the end of July each year, The UN Secretary General submits an important report to the General Assembly on the international financial system and development. Unfortunately it is not one of those reports that is publicised or indeed commented … More →

Campaign launch: Young people responding to Scotland, international development and the 2014 referendum for independence

On September 18, Scottish voters between 16 and 18 will be eligible for the first time ever to vote in the referendum on whether Scotland will remain part of the UK or not. One aspect of the debate so far … More →

10 ongoing bad news stories from 2013

Earlier this month, you may have seen our top 10 good news stories from 2013 we published.  What follows covers some aspects of the other side of the coin. In order to understand the context of ‘good news’, we need … More →

In words and deeds: Nelson Mandela on development and international justice

Many have said that in the passing of Mandela, a shining light in the world, a beacon of hope, has gone. This, I feel, is not true. We are all familiar with the more famous quotes from Madiba, however, here … More →

Why didn’t all the aid reach the poorest? Here’s why

So you donated a week’s lattes to save refugees from an African civil war; you suspect the refugees received only an ordinary cup of Joe… Julia Lewis, Area Manager, Democratic Republic of Congo in Concern Worldwide, presents a field report … More →

“Bah!” said Scrooge. “Humbug!”

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt With Christmas only just days … More →

We need to talk about Kevin

This article is a response to Kevin Myers’ opinion piece on Friday, 5th October in The Irish Independent, titled: Why do we send money to nations that can spend millions on arms? It’s quite an achievement really. Sukhoi warplanes, Uganda, … More →