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Development Education: Responding to the Global Crisis?

The DEEEP Seminar “Development Education: Responding to the Crisis?” took place in Dublin last month, bringing together over 100 development education practitioners and policy makers from across Europe to consider the role and response of development education in this time … More →

Cartoon: on affluence and the environment

From the cartoon archives, Debt 04 by Bruce Petty. Thinking about using cartoons, photographs, statistics, maps or UN reports with your group? Our guides to exploring issues using resources is back online.

Paying the bills and taking from their tills: pitching development in an age of austerity

21st Century Development animation that accompanied Bill Gate’s speech By Gentleman Scholar and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Last month Bill Gates delivered a timely, long awaited speech to G20 leaders on international development, titled 21st Century Development: Innovation … More →