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The Monty Python guide to development: part 1 – politics

And now for something completely different. No matter what your social station or what time period you lived in – from the milkman to the politician; from the investment banker, king, and revolutionary or peasant land worker – lampooning was … More →

Dry Africa sits on ‘huge’ water resource

Ten years ago the UN Development Programme reported that population growth and economic development would lead to nearly one in two people in Africa living in countries facing water scarcity or what is known as ‘water stress’ within 25 years. … More →

Celebrating 50 years of Frantz Fanon

For the black man there is only one destiny. And it is white. Black Skin, White Masks (1952) 50 years after the death of Frantz Fanon we can still hear his call to Africans to decolinise their minds and emancipate … More →

Paying the bills and taking from their tills: pitching development in an age of austerity

21st Century Development animation that accompanied Bill Gate’s speech By Gentleman Scholar and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Last month Bill Gates delivered a timely, long awaited speech to G20 leaders on international development, titled 21st Century Development: Innovation … More →

Making sense of ‘developmentspeak’

Macroprudential regulation is supposed to deal with two major issues: the procyclicality of the financial system, and systemic risk and moral hazard caused by systemically important financial institutions that are considered “too big to fail”. To address procyclicality, the Basel … More →

Two Reports: one message – the more we grow together, the more we grow apart

2011 saw the publication of two reports on international ‘risk’; one published early in the year by the Risks Report Network of the World Economic Forum (the Global Risks Report 2011) and the second the World Risk Report 2011 from … More →

The poor continue to give and the rich continue to receive – the case of Item 18(b)

In a world of obscene inequality we like to think things are getting better and, in some areas, things are indeed improving – literacy, girl’s education, vaccines, ARVs etc. But when it comes to the basics – power and money, … More →

Cartoon satire of ‘development’

What is ‘development’? What is done in the name of development? Who ‘does’ development and who is it done to? These are just some of the questions explored in a cartoon book launched earlier this year in India by the … More →