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Greenpeace uses Lego video to target Shell

Capitalising on the popularity of the recent Lego movie – which is awesome – Greenpeace have a lot to say about oil company Shell’s practices. Why should we care if Shell’s brand features in a series of Lego cars?

New multimedia resource brings stories of climate change, water and Bolivia into the classroom

Situated in the centre of the South American continent, Bolivia has a geography that combines high mountain regions in the Andes with large areas of the Amazon rainforest. Not so long ago experts would describe it as a ‘front line’ … More →

The meaning of development from “The Menstrual Man”

I recently came across an intriguing article in the BBC on-line magazine entitled: ‘The Indian Sanitary Pad Revolutionary’. It tells the ‘real life’ story of “A school dropout from a poor family in southern India [who] has revolutionised menstrual health … More →

The climate for activism is now

It’s hard to escape the ‘devastation’ that the ‘adverse weather conditions’ have ‘ravaged’ across the UK and Ireland, to limit it closer to home. Writing from Dublin, we have ‘escaped’ the ‘worst’ of the storms, but the reality of the … More →

Short film: Development – who really benefits?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘development’? Progress?…the gold rush?… land grabs?…jobs and the economy?…heavy industry at work? Since the publication of the short satirical comic ‘There You Go’ by Survival International in … More →

Cartoon of the Month: Leave it as you found it

Should you hand the planet over to your children and grandchildren, saying, “Sorry its broken – you fix it!”? Kicking off our cartoon of the month feature is this climate change and future generations cartoon compliments of longstanding Irish Times … More →

Twelve takeaway messages from latest IPCC report on climate change

Blog written by Jonah Busch and cross-posted from the Center for Global Development (CGD, USA). This quick summary of the key messages from the report is useful for researchers, teachers, activists and students. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is … More →

It’s not all about the horsemeat!

No better time to consider what’s on and off our plate than in the wake of the European horsemeat scandal.  Had you ever, prior to this, stopped to take account of what you are buying and eating – and wasting? … More →

My ‘walking the talk’ moment on our environment

Having lived for years in African countries and loving the wonderful sunny climates there, I became very negative towards Ireland’s natural environment and was very cynical and irritated when people would constantly comment about how ‘green’ Ireland is. Of course … More →

Cartoon: on affluence and the environment

From the cartoon archives, Debt 04 by Bruce Petty. Thinking about using cartoons, photographs, statistics, maps or UN reports with your group? Our guides to exploring issues using resources is back online.