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Top 10 facts about the Fairtrade movement in Ireland

Anyone who buys, sells or stocks goods that have achieved Fairtrade certification are not engaging in a ‘simple’ or ‘neutral’ act. Quite to the contrary, it is ENTIRELY political. Fairtrade Ireland, founded as the Irish Fair Trade Network (IFTN), in … More →

Notes from Kampala: a thought for your Apples

I can’t find my iPod. I can’t find it anywhere. Did I put it somewhere safe and now can’t remember? Perhaps someone has ‘taken’ it?! I wake up in the middle of the night and search for it. It’s not … More →

7.1 Japans – getting ready for overshoot 2014

A date before August 20th 2014 will mark Earth Overshoot Day, the approximate date on which our resource consumption for this year will exceed the planet’s ability to replenish itself.  21 years ago, the date was October 21, by 2003 … More →

Short film: Development – who really benefits?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘development’? Progress?…the gold rush?… land grabs?…jobs and the economy?…heavy industry at work? Since the publication of the short satirical comic ‘There You Go’ by Survival International in … More →

What we’re watching and reading: Think Africa; The World’s Best News; staying positive and imagining a better world; #LivingWage campaign

Information is powerful. Think Africa is a short video that collects the opinions of festival goers from the 2013 Electric Picnic in Stradbally as they consider what words come to mind when they think of ‘Africa’. Paying homage to Bob … More →

(Over)consumption animation: heading for a disaster?

Are we inevitably heading for disaster given current (over)consumption trends? What can be done and who needs to do it? 9 Billion 86% 32:1 72 Billion 1 kilo 1 litre 230 million tonnes 1/3 What do all these figures mean? … More →

Consumption in a world of 32:1 – our new animation

Those familiar with this website will not be surprised by the topic of our new animation – on consumption. It accompanies the ethical consumption and hunger modules for teachers and educators, as well as general readers, plus previous blog posts, … More →

The role of sweatshops in the 2012 Olympics

Adidas, the US$16bn a year profit German owned sports clothing giant, has been tasked with the job of kitting out the UK Olympic team for the 2012 Olympics.  Designed by Stella McCartney (aka daughter of the famous Beatle band member … More →

Two sides of the Global Food Crisis – Food Shortage vs. Food Wastage

There are two sides to the current world food crisis: with food shortages for hundreds of millions of people in developing counties resulting in widespread malnourishment with little or no access to food this is in stark contrast to the … More →

Infographic: Ten ways to stop wasting water

Link to full size Every Drop Counts infographic (2011) When was the last time you counted every drop of water you use on an average day? The infographic workshop factory over at GOOD Magazine have done it again.