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How many Africans?

It always was and still is one of the most useful and telling introductory development education activities as it tells us a lot about people’s perceptions of the world.  Imagining a world of 100 people and dividing it percentage wise … More →

10 ongoing bad news stories from 2013

Earlier this month, you may have seen our top 10 good news stories from 2013 we published.  What follows covers some aspects of the other side of the coin. In order to understand the context of ‘good news’, we need … More →

Viral video shows the extent of U.S. wealth inequality

This six-minute video animation is currently doing the rounds online and builds on the pioneering research by economists Michael Norton and Dan Ariely about American attitudes toward wealth. The video details the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the … More →

Rings (of inequality) around the world

The honour bestowed in carrying the flame, kindled by eleven women using the light of the Sun, its rays concentrated by a parabolic mirror in Olympia, Greece. The call to peace through the releasing of a flock of doves in … More →

Climate change: iceberg right ahead?

Last week the 3 hour documentary Titanic: The Final Word with James Cameron aired on television, thanks to the National Geographic, boasting the latest data and computer graphics in reanimating the final moments of the famous vessel. On the 100th … More →

Is Capitalism bankrupt?

It would take 4.4 earths for there to be enough for everybody to consume as much as the average American. ‘Counting the Cost,’ a news channel on Al Jazeera asks the question: Is Capitalism bankrupt? Capitalism, which has been led … More →

Charles Dickens: the social justice campaigner

Has it been 200 years already? This week marks two centuries since the birth of the great English novelist and social campaigner Charles Dickens, in 1812. One of the best known and popular writers of his time, Dickens dedicated his … More →

The One Percent-ers

This is a guest post from Michael Doorly, Concern Worldwide’s head of active citizenship. Can you name the wealthiest person in the world, or how about five of the top twenty? Chances are you probably can. Yes Bill Gates is … More →

Paying the bills and taking from their tills: pitching development in an age of austerity

21st Century Development animation that accompanied Bill Gate’s speech By Gentleman Scholar and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Last month Bill Gates delivered a timely, long awaited speech to G20 leaders on international development, titled 21st Century Development: Innovation … More →

Welcome to the world, citizen No. 7 billion!

A few weeks ago we were treated to a letter by the The Irish Times’ new editor, Kevin O’Sullivan, welcoming the soon-to-take place birth of the 7 billionth person into our ‘work in progress’ unequal world. Cross-posted below in full, … More →