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Hats off to the SDGs – a brief analysis of the plan to change the world

Where does one even begin to unpack the new sustainable development goals (SDGs)? When in doubt of what to think I always refer to the great Edward De Bono, thinking philosopher extraordinaire. De Bono created the ‘Six thinking hats’ tool … More →

1,826 = 7,500,000,000,000

As you log out of ‘Hotmail’ you are redirected to MSN news homepage. I don’t often take much notice of the contents of the page, however, on this occasion the new Forbes listing of the richest people on the planet … More →

Cartoon of the month: FIFA doing it for the street kids?

Cartoon of the month for June 2014. Visit the cartoons library or read sports blogs on the website.

My top 10 life changing ‘good news’ trends from 2013

Recent debates on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and on the measurement of human development have highlighted a series of highly significant and life enhancing developments as regards people’s most basic human needs in recent decades.  Despite ongoing injustice and … More →

In words and deeds: Nelson Mandela on development and international justice

Many have said that in the passing of Mandela, a shining light in the world, a beacon of hope, has gone. This, I feel, is not true. We are all familiar with the more famous quotes from Madiba, however, here … More →

(Over)consumption animation: heading for a disaster?

Are we inevitably heading for disaster given current (over)consumption trends? What can be done and who needs to do it? 9 Billion 86% 32:1 72 Billion 1 kilo 1 litre 230 million tonnes 1/3 What do all these figures mean? … More →

“Bah!” said Scrooge. “Humbug!”

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt With Christmas only just days … More →

School Immersion: Vacation or Education?

“I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.” – Confucius, Chinese philosopher and political theorist, 551-479 BC Immersion programmes are growing in popularity, with many Irish schools engaging and as the word spreads of successful trips … More →

Celebrity activism: ‘Sometimes I wonder if I am making it worse, or making it better’

‘Sometimes I wonder if I am making it worse, or making it better. Am I legitimising these causes? Or the opposite? Who knows?’ Who would have thought a post on a development education blog would have opened with a quote … More →

What we’re reading: election posters from Africa; a banker’s confession; boring headlines; The World Bank gracefully taking criticism on the chin?

Source: ironic anti-Zuma poster found in north western suburbs of Johannesburg prior to the 2009 election, by Christo Doherty Monkey still working. Baboon gotta wait small: Muyatwa Sitali presents his pick of recent election slogans from across Africa. Podcast of … More →