In recent years, there has been much in the media about Zimbabwe. Once the golden child of southern Africa it has spiralled down to a country in crisis - food shortages, crippling rates of maternal mortality, escalating poverty, mass emigration, human rights abuses, political instability, HIV/AIDS, to name but a few.

The following photostories/essays, have been written by individual members of grassroots organisations throughout Zimbabwe, and were collated by Cynthia and Tendayi Kureya who are based in Harare, Zimbabwe's capital city. All are focussed on the issues around HIV and AIDS. With the much needed support from donors such as Irish Aid, such organisations have been able to save the lives of many people and empowered them to continue with their lives and support others within their community. The stories outline some of the difficulties experienced by those living with HIV and AIDS across Zimbabwe, and how limited support from donor countries such as Ireland, can have positive results. Samantha's story for example illustrates in a very straightforward way, what the value of small scale aid support can be - it is one small part of a bigger picture about the impact of aid. MORE

Ronald Timire - Male Involvement

"I learned how to do the household chores - something very rare in my country and culture." In this story, Ronald talks about the difficulties of being a widower and a single parent in a society that does not promote male involvement in the home.

From victim to survivor - Martha's Story

In this story, Martha talks about the difficulties in trying to establish her HIV status, and how her life changed once she discovered she was HIV positive.

The life of a girl child in Zimbabwe

Anna-Mercy takes us into a tour of her home in Ruwa, Zimbabwe.

I am Samantha

Meet Samantha Maphosa, orphaned and living with her grandmother in Matshetsheni. In this story, Samantha takes us on her journey of her life, already experienced with sadness and loss.

Mbuya's Story

Felistas, affectionately known as Mbuya (meaning granny), is 48 years old and HIV positive. Her husband has not yet disclosed his status. Read her story here.

Rudo's Story

In her story, Rudo talks about her fear in finding out her HIV status, the discrimination she has experienced since, but also the opportunities that this has created for her.

Sipho & Amos - Filmac Mining Project

In this story, Sipho talks about her experience in finding out that she and her husband are both HIV positive, how their dreams were shattered, but how, with support from Irish Aid, they were able to begin their lives again.

Nyachityu Nutritional and Herbal Garden

She how one small grassroots project is providing a big impact for the community of Nyachityu village in Mutare South District in Zimbabwe.

Dorothy's Testimony

Read how Dorothy Nkoma shared her story about being HIV positive.

Blessing Chiwata's Story - Surviving as Orphans in Zimbabwe

Since his parent's death when Blessing was just 15 years old, he had to take over the role as head of the household and care for his 3 siblings with no money, no education and no support from his family. In this story, Blessing shows how he is learning to slowly build his life and provide for his siblings.

An Income Generating Project

This short photostory shows the extended impact that a small-scale project can have on a community.

Irene's Testimony

Read how one woman has used her experience of being HIV positive to support others in her community.


Road Sweepers

With the dust and rubbish littering the streets of Zambia's Capital, private companies, known as 'pride tech' and 'time agencies' in partnership with Lusaka City Council, embarked on a partnership to clean the roads and drains. This story looks into the lives of the 'sweepers' in Lusaka.

The Gravedigger

Meet Steven Mwanza, a 39 year old grave digger who works in Lusaka, Zambia.

Kanyama Compound - "Me and my world"

The following story, written by Mwnya Yambayamba and Taonga Tembo from Zambia, explores how individuals experience their local environment. It focuses on Kanyama Compound in the capital city of Lusaka, Zambia and follows 14-year old Sangwira Asani who lives in Kanyama Compound.


Douglas Kunda lives on the streets of Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia in Southern Africa. In this story, Douglas takes us on a pictorial journey of how he survives as a 'street kid in Zambia.'

Bus Empowerment

The Justice for Widows and Orphans Project is responding to the human rights abuses of widows and orphans in Zambia through a unique response. Learn how.

A tour of Garden Compound, Lusaka, Zambia

Take a tour of one of the largest compounds in Lusaka - Garden Compound.

Charity's Story

Charity is a farmer and lives in a farmhouse nicknamed 'hospitality house' by the many relatives that stay with Charity and her family in Lusaka West in Zambia. Royd Mundongo goes to speak with Charity.

Peter's Story

Peter Katongo is a retired Sales Representative. He lives in Mandevu Compound a high density compound in Lusaka. Peter was diagnosed with HIV in 2000 after suffering from tuberculosis (TB) for 2 years. Royd Mondongo visits him at his home to find out more.

Lizzy's Story

Royd Mundongo follows Lizzy as she takes us through a photographic journey of her life as a woman 'Stone Crasher' in Lusaka Zambia.

Kuomboka Ceremony 2009

Each year in Zambia's Western Province the Litunga - the King/Paramount Chief of the Malozi people, moves in a symbolic ceremony known as the Kuomboka.

A Walk Through Zingalume Compound

Take a walk with Royd Mundongo through Zingalume compound in Lusaka West in Zambia. Meet some of the residents and read their stories...

Danny's Story

Anayawa Sililo of Women for Change, a gender and human rights Non-Governmental Organisation in Zambia met up with Danny Lungu to talk about his life since becoming infected with HIV.


My Life in Libya

Sinead McGrath visits the home of 10-year old Abdalroof in Tripoli, Libya. He takes her through a journey of his life in Libya.

The Peace Cup

For the first time in history, the FIFA World Cup was hosted on the continent of Africa, in South Africa. There was much to celebrate about - or was there?