Unity in Diversity - An Action Project

In March 2008, a group of Transition Year students from Warrenmount Presentation Secondary School in Dublin 8 took part in developing a human rights art mural. A total of 18 students, Zambian artist Stary Mwaba and 80:20 Educating & Acting for a Better World, debated the issues of 'Unity in Diversity'. See the results for yourself...

"As part of our Transition Year course, we had the opportunity to work alongside Zambian artist Stary Mwaba and human rights and development education organisation 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World in exploring any issue we felt was important to us and to our community. After much debate and discussion, we decided to focus on the theme Unity in Diversity. We chose this theme because it reflects many of the changes that are taking place in our area as well as across Dublin and Ireland generally. We wanted to highlight the fact that there are many things that are different between the traditional 'Irish' communities in our area - one of the oldest and most established in Dublin - and the new communities from other lands who have come to settle in our area.

We felt it was important to accept difference and to see it as a source of strength and experience and as a reality that will expand our view of the world as well as challenge us to think about where we fit into that world. This is why our title was Unity in Diversity. We want to thank Stary and 80:20 for working with us and also the many teachers who supported us during the project."

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