A Genocide Action Project


"This mural is a very important piece of work as it raises awareness of the genocide that happened, Rwanda, the genocides that could have happened, Northern Ireland, and the genocides that are happening, Darfur."

The genocide project was developed to explore the topic of genocide in a number of contexts and was developed across 2 phases:

Phase I of the mural was developed in 2004 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda. A group of students and teachers from two schools - one in East Belfast, the other in Bray, County Wicklow - explored the nature and context of what happened in Rwanda and in Northern Ireland.

Phase II took place in 2007 where students and teachers from schools in Bray and Crumlin, revisited the wall mural and explored the topic of genocide in the context of the current debate around the killings in Darfur.

"I wasn't aware of genocide when I came here and now that I know about it I think it's very wrong and something should be done to stop it."

- Jasmin Boland

"Although the project may not make a difference to the situation in Darfur, we can all say we tried to help, which everyone should be able to say."

- Kaleen Doyle

The project recorded what the project was about and what participants did during both projects. A resource developed as a result of the project hopes to share the work and experiences with others, highlight the educational dimension of genocide, mark its consequences for those who died and those who survived, and to look at the question - is genocide happening today in Darfur? The resource also challenges the often-asserted view that young people today don't care - they do! Click here to download the resource.

The 2-phase mural project attempted to:

  • understand the nature and causes of genocide as well as its geography and history in recent decades
  • answer the basic question - what can I do to prevent genocide?