Quotes from participants:

About the Process:

"During the week we all had great craic but also learned how to work as a team."

Adam S.

"I learned the value of working as a team member and also I learned how the extent of the damage in Darfur spread through all the neighbouring provinces."

Cian Byrne

"It was a very worthwhile experience and I learned there are many problems in the world which are rarely mentioned, although they should be."

Conor Richardson

"Updating the mural really opened my eyes to the atrocities that are occurring in Darfur. I hope that all the work that we have put into it will encourage people to learn more about Darfur. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!"

Malachi Gillich Healy

"Working on the project was an interesting experience and doing it with a school we had never met before helped create a great team. I'm glad that now I have a better awareness of the subject and issues of genocide."

Eoin Dixon Murphy

"I've learned that I can do a lot for a problem that is so far away."

Jessica Eccles

"I have learned to work with other people and as a team. I also learned a lot more about genocide and I strongly feel it is wrong."

Amy King

About Genocide:

"Although the project may not make a difference to the situation in Darfur, we can all say we tried to help, which everyone should be able to say."

Kaleen Doyle

"It opened up my eyes to the reality of ongoing genocide."

Donal Duffy

"I have learned so much about Darfur and genocide that I would like to make a difference in the future."

Ciara Delaney

"I feel that not enough people know about genocide, I didn't know what it was when we started but now I feel confident enough to tell people about it when I go home. I think that everybody should be aware of what's going on in Sudan."

Danielle Davey

"Not everyone knows stuff about genocide, which is a real problem because people can't help stop this happening. I 'm glad I did this project because I feel like I've helped create awareness about it and in some wayI'm helping people suffering from genocide."

Amy Maher

"I wasn't aware of genocide when I came here and now that I know about it I think it's very wrong and something should be done to stop it."

Jasmin Boland

"I didn't know about genocide till I did this project. It was a great experience and I hope to do a lot more about genocide in the future."

Lorna Forde