What We Have Learned

About the process...

  • The importance of researching and understanding the issues. The work undertaken by the groups included researching websites, reading, photography, meeting appropriate agencies such as Amnesty International, Irish Aid and ConcernWorldwide
  • People had to use their critical and negotiation skills to analyse what they were doing, why they were doing it and to make decisions about what content should go on the mural to portray what they wanted to say
  • In order to share the information with others, the process needed to be documented at all stages - consciously looking at the process was not something we were familiar with - deciding photos, interviews, quotes, etc
  • The effect of documenting an event or story using art as a tool. We learned the importance of images - the selection and portrayal of them - how to put together a wall mural - from researching the issue through to putting the finishing touches to the final product. We learned not just about the issues but also about the art and use of the art
  • Writing, editing and designing. These were skills developed during the writing of the articles for the resource, the editing and choosing of photos, developing a cover design, etc
  • How to write a press release to tell others about the project and lobby foreign embassies to take action in support of the people of Darfur
  • The importance of working together as a team and keeping each other informed of what each group was working on especially when not everyone took part in every bit
  • By working on this project, we, the participants learned a lot but so too did many others in our school both students and teachers - it encouraged other classes to look at the same issue via sculpture and essay writing
  • That we can make a difference if we bother
  • This was hard work, but it was worth it