Millennium Development Goals

Millennium Development Goals - Debate

This section includes a number of pieces that discuss and debate the MDGs per se and also other related issues:

  1. Do 'Global Goals' ever make a difference? - this piece from the UNDP Human Development Report for 2003 discusses the question and offers a number of examples of previous goals, some achieved in part or in full, some not achieved to date.
  2. Some criticisms of the MDGs - again, a piece compiled from many reports including the 2003 UNDP Human Development Report that outlines some of the main criticisms of the Goals from a number of perspectives.
  3. Accountability in Africa: whose problem? - excerpts from an article from (an online global magazine of politics and culture) by Associate Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research, David Mepham who explores the damage done to Africa and Africans by many of their own leaders but also by international economics and politics. In particular, he examines 4 types of damage done.
  4. The Right Kind of Aid by Roger Bate, a contributor to the website Tech Central Station (based in Washington and which is supported by a range of international corporations e.g. the American Beverage Association, AT&T, ExxonMobil, General Motors Corporation, McDonalds, Merck, Microsoft etc.) argues that people in the 'West' will give generously when the aid is of the right kind.
  5. Africa needs a hand up, not a hand out! - extracts from a speech by the Chairman of the De Beers Corporation in June 2005 which presents a business view of the achievements, failures and needs of Africa in the context of the MDGs.
  6. Development: EU Heroes and Villains listed - a piece by journalist Stefania Bianchi on the views of a group of development NGOs who argue that some of the richest states and the European Union are doing little to contribute to the Millennium Development Goals.
  7. Dark Continent? Poverty, AIDS and War - the everyday tsunami, Ann-Louise Colgan, Director of Policy Analysis and Communications at Africa Action (an Africa advocacy organisation based in the U.S), looks at the MDGs and other initiatives for Africa in the light attitudes and (in)actions on the issues of genocide and HIV and AIDS.
  8. Water: a Common Denominator - an opinion piece by Michael Akpan, President, Pan African Vision for the Environment published in the Lagos newspaper This Day in March 2005 and which focuses on the water and sanitation dimensions of the MDGs stressing their implications for the other Goals.
  9. Problems Aplenty in a World of Plenty - a report summary by IPS journalist Abid Aslam arguing that humans are devouring more food, material goods, and natural resources than ever before and that the worldwide pursuit of prosperity and material luxury is stoking environmental and security problems, according to the Worldwatch Institute Report for 2005.
  10. MDGs by 2015 - An opinion piece by Fr. Peter Henriot of the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection in Lusaka placing the MDGs in a Zambian context and reviewing some of the political challenges of achieving the MDGs in a country like Zambia.