Millennium Development Goals


8 Millennium Development Goals

(Peter Henriot, Zambia)

  1. Poverty and hunger: cut in half the number of people who live on less than one US dollar a day and who suffer from hunger
  2. Education: make sure that all children start and finish primary school
  3. Girls: be sure that as many girls as boys go to school
  4. Infants: cut back by two-thirds the number of children who die before they reach the age of five
  5. Mothers: cut back by three-quarters the number of women who die when they are having babies
  6. Disease: stop terrible diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB, from spreading and make them less common
  7. Environment: cut in half the number of people who lack clean water, improve the lives of people who live in slums, and promote policies that respect the goods of creation
  8. Global partnership: promote greater cooperation among all nations with special concern for fairer deals for poor countries in trade, aid, debt, new technologies, etc.

It is hoped that the Millennium Development Goals will be reached by 2015.

Break into small groups of 5 or 6 people. Silently, choose the goal which is most/least important to you.

Together in your small group, discuss your choices.

Pick the groups top 3 most important goals and be able to say why you chose these.

Return to the large group and discuss the choices made and the debates you had and try to come up with an overall listing of the most important goals to you all.