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Links for Teachers:

  • Education resources focused on Trees and Sustainability:
  • Environmental education resources:
  • Climate change adaptation resource from the UK Department of Environment and Rural Affairs -
  • Education resources on a range of topics provided by the UK Science Museum:

Recommended Videos:

  • Earth Day - Give Earth a Hand - A powerful Greenpeace video that touches upon a range of issues including sustainable development, consumerism, environmental degradation, water scarcities and environmental protection.
  • UNESCO 'Water in cities' - This video explores the sustainable management of water resources in the context of cities and their growth.
  • Creeping Deserts - A short video about the search for water in dry regions of West Africa.
  • Facebook: Unfriend Coal - An entertaining Greenpeace video promoting their campaign targeting Facebook (and other IT companies) to use re-newable energy sources to power their infrastructure.