The World Came to My Place Today


This 32 page entertaining storybook explains how plants from all over the world are used in our daily routines and how they affect children’s lives. The book contains illustrations, photographs with a story and explanatory text on each page designed to increase awareness in young children of the natural world around them.

Author: Jo Readman and Ley Honor Roberts

Publisher: Eden Project Books

Year: 2004

ISBN: 9781903919026

Pages: 32

Country of Origin: England

Keywords: 3-7 years, climate, environment, fair, food, geography, junior primary, materials, natural resources, storybook, trade, weather

Target Audience: junior primary, 5-8 years, 3-5 years, early years

Curriculum Subjects: geography, english, social environmental and scientific education

Available Formats: book, fiction, photographs

Tags: Ecological Footprinting, Environment, Ethical Consumption, Fair Trade, Human Development, Unfair Trade

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“Flora’s got spots” which means that George can’t go out. So granddad comes to look after George and Flora for the day bringing his globe so that George and Flora can go on a tour of world – right at home. Granddad explains to them how everything from the cereal they eat for breakfast and the chocolate bars they love, to the rubber in their bicycle tyres and wood in their toys, come from plants all over the world.

Suggested Uses

Suggested activity/activities

“There are many variations on the idea behind this story. As many items have detailed labelling nowadays, especially food, it’s reasonably easy in a classroom to use the clothing worn by the children or a sample of supermarket foods and products for a ‘country of origin’ survey. Once these have been pinpointed on a world map, the questions from the sections above could be used to develop the enquiry further.

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