Educational Poster Set


This collection of six (A3) challenging and educational posters can be used in schools, educational centres to spread the message of a Just Freedom and stimulate debate.

Author: Trocaire

Publisher: Trocaire

Year: 2011

Pages: 6

Keywords: 8-12 years, children's rights, climate justice, dignity, education, gender equality, key stage 2, posters, poverty, senior primary, trocaire, wealth

Target Audience: senior primary, 8-12 years

Available Formats: poster

Tags: Children's Rights, Education, Gender, Poverty, Teaching, Wealth, Youth

Available from:

Download Educational Poster Set PDF

To order a pack please contact Mary Boyce by email: or on (01) 629 3333


Each poster deals with a specific theme. They include: Human Dignity, Climate Justice, Gender Equality, Wealth and Poverty, Children's Rights and the Promotion of our 'Better World Award'.


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