Honduras - The Gift of Togetherness


This post-primary resource aims to provide material to explore the issues in Honduras in an engaging and interactive way.

Author: Trocaire

Publisher: Trocaire

Year: 2012

Pages: 12

Country of Origin: Ireland

Keywords: activities, children, honduras, post primary, poverty, trocaire, worksheets

Target Audience: junior cycle, 12-15 years

Curriculum Subjects: religious education

Available Formats: activity pack, video clip

Tags: Activities, Poverty, Youth

Available from:

Download The Gift of Togetherness PDF


Students will be introduced to the problems faced by those living in Honduras through the stories of two local teenagers, using worksheets. Students are then asked to take action through Trócaire’s 'Message in a Bottle' Campaign. The resource contains activities, worksheets, profiles of Hondurans and a wealth of information on the country itself.

Suggested Uses

To introduce the issue of poverty

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