Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit for Development Education in Youth Work

AUTHOR: Alan Hayes

PUBLISHER: National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI)

YEAR: 2011

ISBN: 9781900210171



This resource is designed to assist youth workers, volunteers and managers in youth organisations to monitor and evaluate their development education sessions and programmes with young people.


audit, evaluation, methodologies, monitoring, nyci, planning, toolkit, workshop design, youth clubs, youth sector


adult and community settings, youth groups


activity pack, guidelines


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The activities in this resource are exemplar monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities designed to assist you measure the changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours among the young people you work with.

It includes a range of tried and tested M&E strategies and activities as well as useful definitions boxes that explain M&E jargon in a clear way. The activities can be used 'as is' and printed for immediate use or in designing your own DE sessions.

Other monitoring and evaluation tools include:

  • Summative evaluation forms
  • Scales
  • Reflective journals
  • Observation of participants during activities and;
  • focus groups/interviews.

You can also use informal discussions with young people, as well as external evaluation (e.g. research carried out by university students) to monitor and evaluate your work.

The decisions on what you may want to measure will be linked to the aims and objectives of your development education programme. The outputs (activities carried out and participants) link to your objectives while the outcomes link to your aims. It is important that your outcomes are realistic and achievable.

Contents listing:

Activity 1: Zoning

Activity 2 Just a Minute

Activity 3 Logo Logic

Activity 4 Don’t Think, Just Write

Activity 5 Continuum

Activity 6 Where in the World?

Activity 7 Diamond Ranking

Activity 8 Dart Board

Activity 9 Directed Learning

Activity 10 The Blob Tree Evaluation

Activity 11 Cartoons

Activity 12 Picture Postcard

Activity 13 Mapping Connections

Activity 14 What’s the Story?

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