The Common Cause Handbook


This resource is ‘A Guide to Values and Frames for Campaigners, Community Organisers, Civil Servants, Fundraisers, Educators, Social Entrepreneurs, Activists, Funders, Politicians, and everyone in between’ This handbook argues that social values are a more sustainable way to create positive change, rather than using fear or greed.

Author: Tim Holmes, Elena Blackmore, Richard Hawkins and Dr. Tom Wakeford

Publisher: Public Interest Research Centre

Year: 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9503648-7-2

Pages: 43

Country of Origin: UK

Keywords: ethics, morals, psychology, values, workshop

Target Audience: senior cycle, higher education, adult and community settings, youth groups

Curriculum Subjects: civic social and political education, religious education, social personal and health education

Available Formats: book, activity pack

Tags: Activism, Campaigns, Religion

Available from:

Download Common Cause Handbook(2) PDF (2.62MB)



This handbook is a well designed and readable resource. The topic is covered in depth with excellent graphics through out. The following are topics covered:



Why values matter

How values work

Use values

How values change

How values have shifted in the past



Guiding principals

Working for change

Spaces and degrees of change


What’s next?


There is also a set of exercises for facilitating a workshop on these topics at the back of the handbook.

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