It's a Small World

AUTHOR: Claire Cunningham and Valerie Ryan

PUBLISHER: Rockfinch Ltd

YEAR: 2008

ISBN: 9780956044310

PAGES: 108


'It's a Small World!' is a resource developed for adult basic education. The content gives students an opportunity to improve their reading and writing and, at the same time, learn and think about the developing world.


activities, activity, adult educators, child labour, climate change, education, fairtrade, hiv and aids, hunger, information, landmines, students


adult and community settings, 16+ years


activity pack


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This resource provides a support for tutors and students in adult basic education to think and learn about various development issues.

The book explores a wide range of development topics and also includes some activities which focus on particular aspects of language and spelling.

Tutors can pick and choose whatever activities or issues are of interest to students. Development topics explored include: child labour; landmines; hunger; development agencies and fundraising; Fairtrade; HIV and AIDS; climate change; genocide.

It includes lesson plans, case studies, worksheets and background information on a variety of development issues all of which are photocopy-friendly.


The resource outlines where to access further information regarding the various development issues.