Give Credit to the Poor


A resource pack written for teachers and students in Transition Year, that provides information on microcredit - how microcredit works, its benefits, key concepts and contributions to the MDGs.

Author: Michael Doorly and Joan Martin

Publisher: Concern and the Irish League of Credit Unions Foundation

Year: 2006

Pages: 36

Country of Origin: Ireland

Keywords: activities, activity, cd, community educators, dvd, education, information, micro credit, secondary, students, teachers, transition year, youth educators

Target Audience: transition year, 16+ years

Curriculum Subjects: geography, religious education, business studies

Available Formats: activity pack, dvd

Tags: Campaigns, Child Labour, Children's Rights, Education, Micro-credit, Teaching, Youth

Available from:

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‘By directly empowering poor people, particularly women, Microcredit has become one of the key driving mechanisms towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals’

The focus of this resource is on the role of microcredit and Credit Unions in supporting the poor to break out of the cycle of poverty.  The resource has an accompanying 20 minute DVD,  which was developed for teachers and students in Transition Year. However, the pack can also be used in other mainstream subject areas such as business studies, geography, religious education and with other TY modules (micro-enterprise).

The pack includes background information on microcredit, case studies, quick facts, student worksheets including word searches and crosswords, glossary and lesson plans.

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