Development Education Resources for Transition Year

A Development Education course for Transition Year Students was initiated in response to requests from schools wanting to integrate development/global issues within their overall school programme. Beginning in 2006 a partnership of teachers, students, NGOs and a third level institution worked together over 3 years to develop an approriate resource for engaging students with a range of topical development issues facing the world today.

The resulting course was 'field' tested in classrooms and is continually being adapted in response to input from all partners. There are now some 32 schools engaged with the project in 4 clusters throughout Ireland. The course is directly supported by Self Help Africa, Combat Diseases of Poverty Consortium, NUIM and Irish Aid with support from a range of other NGOs. The course offers guidelines and access to resources for second level teachers who want to integrate Development Education into their teaching.

The course is divided into seven distinct modules:

The full course and supporting materials is available at:

This site includes a comprehensive link to a variety of supporting development resources including: videos and how to use videos in education, case studies, games, stimulus sheets, exercises, worksheets, lesson plans, direct links to UN reports, Irish Aid publications, songs, presentations, country facts, information around Development Education and the above development issues and much, much more.