Links: Viewpoints from the Third World

"AllAfrica is one of a family of companies that aggregate, produce and distribute news from across Africa."

This news website is great for:

  • Latest headlines and top stories from around the continent of Africa
  • News and issues categorised around specific countries and regions and areas of interest, for example, latest news about the increased risks of HIV and AIDS among displaced people in Kenya.
  • 3 separate in-depth news sections: Sustainable Africa which includes: Environment, sustainable development, Aid, trade, debt, water, women, etc; Peace Africa which looks at conflict, peace and security issues in Africa such as the latest in Darfur, etc.; and Biztech - a business/technology section which looks also at issues such as trade, ecotourism, and debt for example: "Zimbabwe's domestic debt has soared to over $21 trillion, increasing by 165% inside one month."
  • Includes a 'how to' section which guides you through the site step-by-step.

"Social Watch is an international NGO watchdog network monitoring poverty eradication and gender equality."

Social watch is a great site for information on:

  • Country by country data - for example comparing women's empowerment in Ireland with Sierra Leone
  • "Big Issues" - short thematic papers on development issues, for example: 'Population trends in the 21st century: Demographic bonus or demographic anchor?'
  • Excellent section on annual progress/regression of countries on their Gender Development Index and the Basic Capabilities Index - comparing a country's progress in terms of their social development
  • Really good downloadable posters, diagrams, charts, interactive maps, etc.

The International version of the BBC website is excellent for news around the world, international radio broadcasts - listen to Network Africa on the BBC World Service and hear news and stories from listeners in-country, country profiles including facts, overview of situation, country timeline, for example Burma see: Also, has excellent educational tools including photostories from around the world on issues like pollution in Lake Victoria or rural hardship in Zimbabwe:

Also, the BBC has some really good links to websites on country pages that provide 'inside' information.

"An educational and informative portal on Brazilian development issues." This site includes masses of information from Brazil, from up-to-date news, economic and social indicators, links to government, private and non-governmental sites including the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics - click on the 'social indicators' tab and go direct to the Institute ( An excellent site for a cross section of information about Brazil - financial, political, environmental, regional, etc., and particularly good links to a diverse range of informational websites. Be sure to 'click' on the English version - unless you are fluent in Portuguese!

"The OneWorld network and portal brings you the latest news, action, campaigns and organisations in human rights and global issues across five continents and in 11 different languages, published across its international site, regional editions, and thematic channels."

OneWorld is an excellent source of up-to-date local news, views, opinions and action from its members across 5 continents - the most recent of which is OneWorld Indonesia, who joined in 2007. Themes from each site include a wide cross-section of development issues and project locally developed to address issues. These include: water and sanitation, the environment, food security, trade, women, economy, health, war, etc.

The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection is an excellent site providing research on key social issues such as the "cost of living, social implications of debt servicing, accessibility of healthcare and education, and integrity of local democracy."

An excellent feature in this website is the monthly Basic Needs Basket which surveys prices of essential goods and services and assesses the monthly cost of living for an average family in various parts of Zambia. The basket also compares the salaries of various civil servants such as teachers to the findings of the survey, which more often that not are substantially deficient.

"InfoChange is an online resource base that provides news, views, perspectives and debates on crucial issues of sustainable development and social justice in India and South Asia."

Self-described as "cross-sectoral," this website is an excellent site for a whole host of information and local perspectives on development issues. The site includes up-do-date news from India, comprehensive statistics on India set out under 12 different development categories, debates, analysis, back copies of the magazine "Agenda" which looks in-depth at issues such as climate change in India, critiquing the poverty line as it relates to India, trade, etc. The site also includes short films, documentaries, a 'Microsites' section which looks in-depth at development issues such as HIV/AIDS, a 'Development Dictionary' etc. There is also a really good "Kids for Change" section with case studies, references, statistics, viewpoints, information on development issues, such as the environment, women, WTO explained!? etc.