MATERIALS for Primary Education - A user guide for primary educators

This website contains a wide range of material covering a range of global development themes and issues. This section suggests ways of using this site to build development education into your lessons plans.

Extra-curricular opportunities at primary level

Fancy organising a workshop? Many NGOs have members of staff who do outreach and education visits to schools as part of their education programmes (when you contact them make sure to highlight the fact that you are looking for an educational workshop rather than a fundraising one! ).

Team Planet: An Action Pack on Ourselves and the World

  • Team Planet is an active learning programme focused on the themes of environment and interdependence designed for use at individual class levels but also on a whole-school basis.
  • Core to the programme is the notion of the connectedness and interdependence of all people, systems and cycles of life.
  • While each level of the programme is self-contained and can be delivered on a ‘stand alone’ basis, the full benefits of the programme will be realised if all levels are implemented throughout the school in a systematic and linked manner.

Dice Project Teaching Materials

The Development and Intercultural Education Project - DICE - aims to address the need for global and social justice perspectives within primary education in Ireland. DICE aims to achieve this through promoting an understanding of development and intercultural issues in Initial Teacher Education through collaborative partnerships with all 5 Colleges of Education in the Republic of Ireland, Irish Aid and a number of key Non-Governmental Organisations.