Team Planet: An Action Pack on Ourselves and the World

  • Team Planet is an active learning programme focused on the themes of environment and interdependence designed for use at individual class levels but also on a whole-school basis.
  • Core to the programme is the notion of the connectedness and interdependence of all people, systems and cycles of life.
  • While each level of the programme is self-contained and can be delivered on a ‘stand alone’ basis, the full benefits of the programme will be realised if all levels are implemented throughout the school in a systematic and linked manner.

The programme is divided into four levels,

– with a specific focus at each level on one key concept.

The four key concepts, Nurturing, Webs of Dependence, Interconnections and Sustainable Development are explored and developed using cross-curricular themes.


1st & 2nd Class

Theme: Webs of Dependence



5th & 6th Class

Theme: Sustainable Development