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Resources: Poverty

Poverty Week

Winners of the Young Social Innovators Competition 2009

Songs about poverty

List of ten popular songs on the theme of poverty

'Heal the World'

Presentaion by Emma B and Lorna G on the song "Heal the World" by Michael Jackson.

Counted Out: Challenging Poverty and Social Exclusion

A resource book for teachers by Sandra Gowran.Suitable for CSPE, TY.

Country Fact Card Statistics on Different Countries

The resource encourages students to look up and compare figures for different countries, then identify and discuss those that surprise them.

Muhammad Yunus: Ending Global Poverty

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Prize Winner and founder of the Grameen Bank ( micro-financing). This is a copy of his speech made at the awards ceremony.

Our world, Our Future

Complete resource book for senior primary Geography. Suitable also for junior cycle Geography at second level.

Africa Alive (Self-Help Africa)

CSPE module for use with Africa Alive Books.

Urgency of Now Inequality Explored

A full colour publication from Oxfam published in 2008 that explors inequality in the world.

Nelson Mandela

Getting the message across that poverty is not natural: it is man-made.

What are we doing to tackle poverty?

Irish Aid Programme in different countries.

Give Credit to the Poor

'Give Credit to the poor' a resource from


'Water': Book 1 in the textbook series from

Food, Land & Trees

'Food, Land & Trees': Book 2 in the textbook series from

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